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VidMate Video Converter

Wizard-driven video converter with support for all popular formats and devices
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When in need for a video conversion tool with support for all the most popular formats, video downloading capabilities, a set of useful editing features, and a flexible batch conversion support, you may want to consider trying VidMate Video Converter. It is capable of transforming in a snap any DVD movies, video files, and downloaded videos into formats suitable for your mobile devices and consoles.

You can add any number of videos to the program’s conversion list and preview them either using the small video player embedded in the program’s main interface or by opening its built-in video player with support for full-screen preview. All the controls you need to set up the conversion process are present in the main window – the conversion profile, the video and audio codecs to be used, the destination folder, and the subtitle settings. If you want to perform some edits or add some effects to any or all of the videos on the list, you will find all the tools you need in the ribbon-like menu on the top side of the interface. They will open individual windows where you can trim, crop, rotate, set a delay for the subtitle stream, deinterlace the selected video, and even change its volume. Regrettably, you won’t be allowed to select different output profiles or settings for each video on the list – all of them will be converted into the last format selected.

The program offers you an alternative and convenient way of populating the conversion list – downloading your favorite online videos from the most popular video sites. The program’s video downloader is certainly a full comprehensive new tool in itself. It can download various files at a time and it will allow you to select the output quality, the subtitle stream to be downloaded (when present), and the possibility of converting the video immediately after being downloaded.

You will find two interesting extra features in the program’s Tools section that are at least worth mentioning. One of them is the video Dub feature, which will allow you to blend a video stream with its corresponding audio stream in a single file and save it in the format of your choice. The other tool is the Video to GIF feature, which you can use to create animated GIFs of your favorite video fragments in just a few steps.

Both in the extensive list of video formats supported and in the overall design of the program’s interface, VidMate Video Converter is in line with many other similar video conversion tools. However, its video downloading capabilities and its interesting extra tools make it stand out from many of its competitors. If only for these peculiarities, this is an application worth considering when looking for an affordable and efficient video conversion tool.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Support for all popular codecs
  • Creates animated GIF files
  • Bonus tool to dub video files
  • Batch conversion
  • Includes a video downloader


  • Multiple-output conversions are not supported
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